HID and CERTIFY Health Deliver Advanced, AI-Powered Patient Verification Technology to the Healthcare Industry

Impeccable Biometric Authentication Boosts Well-Being of Patients and Practices

AUSTIN, Texas, September 28, 2023 – HID, the worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, and CERTIFY Health, a provider of modernized solutions to optimize patient care and experience, today announced a new collaborative patient engagement and facial recognition offering designed to evolve healthcare operations and administer impactful, elevated patient service at every checkpoint.

This integrated biometric platform will make its debut at the Becker’s HIT Conference on October 3-6 in Chicago and will be showcased at HLTH 2023 (October 8-11 in Las Vegas) and CHIME23 (November 9-12 in Phoenix, AZ).


HID combines its leading U.ARE.U™ Camera Identification System featuring highly accurate facial recognition capabilities with CERTIFY Care – a state-of-the-art patient engagement platform currently in use across major healthcare organizations. Key functionalities include patient onboarding, biometric authentication, patient communications, digital forms, appointment scheduling and management, and payment collection. 


Webcams are not enough when it comes to reliable patient verification in healthcare today. The risk of misidentification is high – leading to potentially fatal results for patients and crippling repercussions across companies. HID’s U.ARE.U Camera Identification System fuses AI with multispectral imaging (MSI) technology and modern machine learning algorithms to accurately identify and authenticate individuals. The CERTIFY Care platform integrates the U.ARE.U Camera technologies to deliver accurate patient authentication and identification while facilitating an excellent end-to-end patient experience from intake to claims payout. It’s all anchored by the precision of face biometrics.


In addition to faster time to revenue, this technology pairing benefits healthcare practices by enabling:

  • Positive patient identification: Authenticate and verify patient identity before treatments to improve patient care and safety.
  • Accurate medical records management and deduplication: Drive efficiencies by tying one face to one record to consolidate multiple files in existence due to human error, changes in name/address/email, absence of record standardization, lack of information, etc. 
  • Medical fraud prevention and investigation: Deliver irrefutable proof of presence when it comes to patient identification and verified eligibility of care. 
  • Touchless, hygienic authentication: Propel patient safety with high-performing facial recognition that’s swift, seamless and straightforward for both patients and practitioners. 

Additional points of excellence afforded by the HID U.ARE.U Camera Identification System include:

  • Top NIST Ranking for Face Matching Performance & Accuracy
  • Ethically Trained with AI to Eliminate Matching Bias
  • Exceptional ‘In-the-Wild’ Recognition (precise capture and authentication regardless of variances in lighting, backgrounds, pose, expression, etc.)
  • Extraordinary Presentation Attack Detection Against Spoofs (PAD detects spoof attempts using 3D masks, high-quality photos or digital images to trick the system)
  • Stellar Security & Privacy with On-Device (Edge) Biometric Processing
  • Flexible, Customizable and Cost-Efficient Patient Engagement Upgrade 


This solution will be on display at Becker’s HIT Conference on October 3-6 in Chicago where CERTIFY Health is a sponsor. 

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