HID Global’s PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) Platform Simplifies Certificate Automation with Support for Microsoft Autoenrollment Protocol

AUSTIN, Texas, October 12, 2021 – Automating the issuance of all enterprise public or private trusted digital certificates through a single platform reduces the risk of certificate mismanagement and associated outages. HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has simplified certificate automation for any Microsoft Active Directory-managed network devices with its PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) platform. Customers can seamlessly issue, renew, replace or revoke certificates automatically with Microsoft Autoenrollment now that any device on the network can easily be connected with HID’s cloud-based PKIaaS via the Microsoft Autoenrollment connector.

WHO: HID Global, through its cloud-based HID PKIaaS platform that delivers the industry’s broadest range of automation capabilities for managing privately issued and publicly trusted certificates. The platform eliminates manual, risk-prone processes for tracking, installing, and renewing certificates, and provides one secure and convenient cloud-based platform for all certificate needs.

WHAT: HID Global has simplified how to integrate Microsoft Active Directory-managed network devices with its cloud-based PKIaaS to automate their certificate lifecycles. The HID’s PKIaaS platform’s out-of-the-box integration and Account Certificate Manager enables customers to centrally manage all device certificates across the entire enterprise, either manually or through Active Directory or a Mobile Device Management Platform, and whether they are issued automatically or manually.

WHY: Microsoft Active Directory has a 44 percent share of the market for identity and access management solutions. Providing out-of-the-box integration and automation support for it in HID PKIaaS eliminates the need for agent-based certificate distribution and automation. In addition to Microsoft Autoenrollment, HID PKIaaS supports various pre-built integrations with standards-based certificate management protocols including Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP), Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST), and Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME). It also provides robust RESTful Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to integrate with any other third-party tools for certificate orchestration and automation.

HOW: HID PKIaaS’s Auto Enrollment connector acts as a proxy and connects with Microsoft Active Directory for any certificate request that makes outbound connection to HID’s PKIaaS platform for certificate issuance or updates. There is no need to update any firewall configuration for inbound connection since it only makes an outbound connection at port 443. There is also no agent or other configuration change required at the individual device level, enabling customers to leverage existing technology deployments and infrastructure.

About HID’s Digital Certificate and PKIaaS Offerings

HID PKIaaS offers trust for the enterprise and its computers, network devices, IoT systems and e-commerce transactions. Use cases range from securing websites and email communications to digitizing paper-based processes using digital certificates and securing network end points or connected machines.


The HID PKIaaS offering with native support for the Microsoft Autoenrollment protocol is available as a low-cost subscription service with a guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA). Click here for information.

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