HID Global® Wins Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Contract to Provide a Passport Issuance and Processing System

GALWAY, Ireland, January 24, 2022 – HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, has been awarded Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs ("DFA") contract for the passport issuance and processing system. The contract will see HID Global provide a new operating system for the Department's passport service.

HID Global's HID Integrale™ software system makes the management of applications easier and more efficient by providing a citizen-centric case management solution connected to all services for the issuing of passports and related documents.

Craig Sandness, Senior Vice President and Head of Secure Issuance and Citizen Identity at HID Global said, "We are very excited about this award, which extends our relationship with Ireland. The new service will be designed to meet all the requirements set out by the Department of Foreign Affairs in terms of security and data privacy, using technologies which already protect the personal information security of citizens in other countries."  

Simon Coveney T.D., Ireland's Minister for Foreign Affairs said, "My Department is partnering with HID Global to deliver a more modern and efficient Passport Service for Irish citizens. Over the last number of years, the passport service has delivered significant change through the Passport Reform Programme. In order to continue to provide a world-class service, we are partnering with HID to upgrade and replace the current passport service operating system. Completion of this project will result in a standard, scalable and resilient technical platform that will be capable of handling increased application volumes while maintaining the high standards of security that are a hallmark of the Irish Passport."

The new solution will be designed by HID Global in partnership with Irish companies AG2 and Inpute Technologies, and alongside the Canadian organization WorldReach Software. It will provide a complete, tailored and configurable solution that integrates all specialist software, hardware and equipment to meet the DFA's goal of running an efficient, digital system for awarding and renewing passports. HID Global is already a subcontractor of software and components for the existing electronic passport program in Ireland.

In 2021, HID Global announced plans to create a new Centre of Excellence in Galway, Ireland, that will consolidate many of HID Global's European operations into a new facility and increase headcount from 180 to 300 over the next three years.

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About Absolute Graphics/AG2

Absolute Graphics, founded in 2003, is an Irish design, marketing, and print company. In 2017, Absolute Graphics launched its specialist security design and ICT branch AG2. The team at AG2 have a relationship with the Irish Passport Service that dates back over ten years. The trademarks Absolute Graphics and AG2 are owned and/or used by Absolute Graphics Company.  

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WorldReach is a Canadian software organisation specialising in digital identity, verification and onboarding solutions. Since 1998, it has been recognised as a pioneer provider of consular services and systems, offering governments cost-effective citizen-focused solutions. The trademark WorldReach is owned and/or used by WorldReach Software Corporation. 

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